RV Brands – List of All RV Manufacturers by Class

Motored RV Categories (Motorhomes)

Motorhome RVs are divided into 3 different classes: A (the largest), B (the smallest), and C (generally mid sized). Click any of the brands below to be taken to their respective websites.

Class B RV Brands

Class B RVs are basically camper vans (though sometimes rather enhanced). This encompasses the #vanlife movement, great for rock-climbers, skiers, and active millennials.

Class C RV Brands

Class C RVs are built on a truck or van chassis, and come with a sleeping compartment over the drivers cab, some of which have camper tops that fit a variety of truck bed dimensions.

Non-Motored RV Categories

Non-motored trailer RVs are separated into 2 different categories: Fifth Wheel, and Travel Trailers. Click any of the brands below to be taken to their respective websites.

Fifth Wheel RV Brands

Fifth Wheel RV

Fifth wheel trailers are basically Class C RVs without an engine. They are some of the largest and most practical RV trailers on the road. All of them feature such amenities as optional slide outs, king or queen sized beds, and large kitchen areas.

Travel Trailer RV Brands

Travel Trailer RV

Travel trailers are designed to be pulled on a hitch, generally by a truck or large SUV. They are very similar to fifth wheel class trailers, featuring multiple slide out options, sleeping arrangements, small kitchens, and compact bathrooms. This segment includes the smallest, most lightweight and most easily portable full-sized RVs.