The Best RV Brands to Live in Fulltime [2023]

best rv brands to live in

Are you thinking about living in an RV fulltime? Well, you're not alone! More and more people are ditching the traditional stick-built homes for the freedom and flexibility of living in an RV. But, which RV brand is the best choice for fulltime living? Our team has done the research and found the top RV brands that are perfect for fulltime living.

The Best RVs To Live In FullTime

The Best RVs To Live In FullTime

Living in an RV fulltime requires careful consideration of the different RV brands available. Consider the following RV brands that our team recommends:

1. Airstream

When it comes to RV brands, Airstream is a household name. For over 80 years, this manufacturer has been creating high-quality and stylish RVs, perfect for fulltime living. Airstream RVs are built to last and are highly durable, with attention to detail and luxury features.

2. Winnebago

Winnebago has been in the RV industry for over 60 years and is a trusted brand for RV enthusiasts. The brand's reputation for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail make it an excellent choice for fulltime living. Winnebago has a wide selection of RV models that cater to different needs.

3. Thor Motor Coach

Thor Motor Coach provides excellent RVs for those who want the fulltime RV living experience. The brand offers various models with different layouts and features to cater to the different needs of fulltime RVers. Thor Motor Coach RVs are well known for their luxury features, attention to detail, and durability.

4. Newmar

Newmar's RVs prioritize comfort and convenience, making them an ideal choice for fulltime living. The brand's attention to detail, craftsmanship, and luxury features set them apart from other RV brands.

5. Grand Design

Grand Design specializes in making RVs that cater to the needs of fulltime RVers. The brand's RVs are designed for maximum comfort and functionality, and the company places a great emphasis on energy efficiency to ensure full-time RVers can save up on energy costs.

Which RVs have the best quality?

Which RVs have the best quality?

Quality is essential when it comes to selecting an RV for fulltime living, and these brands are known for their exceptional quality:

1. Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin binds to the strict RVIA standards for quality assurance, promising that their RVs are top of the line. Their RVs have excellent customer reviews, and their focus is on providing an optimal experience for fulltime RVers.

2. Leisure Travel Vans

Leisure Travel Vans have garnered a reputation for quality and innovation. Their RVs are made with great attention to detail, and they have won many awards over the years.

3. Entegra Coach

Entegra Coach is all about providing the best quality RVs for fulltime living. The brand has a reputation for being one of the best in the RV industry when it comes to manufacturing high-quality and luxurious RVs.

Is it financially smart to live in an RV?

Living in an RV fulltime can be financially rewarding, and we have compiled some information to help with your decision:


  • Reduced Cost: Living in an RV fulltime can help you save up to 60% on housing and utilities bills.
  • Freedom: You have the freedom to travel and live in a new landscape every day without having to spend a lot of money on accommodation.
  • Minimal maintenance and repair costs: RV manufacturers design RVs to be sturdy and resilient, which means less maintenance and repair costs.


  • Initial Cost: RVs can cost a considerable amount of money, especially if you're looking for a high-quality one.
  • Storage Cost: If you don't have a space to park your RV, you may have to pay for storage fees.
  • Fuel Costs: Fuel consumption can be significant if you plan to travel frequently.

What is the best class of RV to live in?

When it comes to fulltime RV living, class A, B, and C RVs are the most popular choices. Here's a breakdown of each class:

Class A

Class A RVs resemble a bus or motor coach, and they're the biggest and most luxurious of all RV classes. They're perfect for fulltime living as they offer plenty of space, luxury features, and storage.

Class B

Class B RVs, also known as campervans, are smaller and more straightforward compared to other RV classes. They're easier to drive, park, and maintain, making them an excellent choice for new fulltime RVers.

Class C

Class C RVs are built on a truck chassis and are easier to handle compared to Class A RVs. They typically come with a loft or a bunk bed, which offers more sleeping space for people traveling with their families.

Living in an RV fulltime is an excellent way to explore the world while having the comforts of a home. Our team recommends the above RV brands, but as with any big purchase, you should research, test them out, and select the one that suits your lifestyle and budget the best. Happy fulltime RV living!


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