Motorhome Brands – List of Motored RV Manufacturers by Class

Motored RV categories

Motorhomes (motored RVs) are separated into three categories: Class A RVs (the largest), Class B RVs (the smallest), and Class C RVs (usually more mid-size).

Class B Motorhome Brands

Class B motorhomes are basically camper vans (though sometimes rather enhanced). This encompasses the #vanlife movement, great for rock-climbers, skiers, and active millennials.

Class C Motorhome Brands

Class C motorhomes are built on a truck or van chassis, and come with a sleeping compartment over the drivers cab, some of which have camper tops that fit a variety of truck bed dimensions.

Besides motorhomes, the other major class of RVs is towable RVs, which contains both travel trailers and 5th wheel RVs. Check out our list of Towable RV Brands, or our entire list of all RV Brands.