RV Full-Time Living: The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Channels [2023]

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Are you dreaming of living the RV life? Are you searching for inspiration, advice, and practical tips to make your full-time RV adventure a reality? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to some of the best YouTube channels that cater to full-time RVers. These channels offer a wealth of knowledge, entertaining content, and a behind-the-scenes look at the RV lifestyle. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and let's dive into the wonderful world of YouTube RV full-timers!

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Why YouTube Channels for Full-Time RVers are a Must-Watch

If you are planning to embark on the full-time RV lifestyle, YouTube channels dedicated to RV living are an invaluable resource. These channels allow you to connect with experienced RVers, gain insights into the joys and challenges of the lifestyle, and discover new tips and tricks to enhance your journey.

Here are some key reasons why you should consider subscribing to top YouTube channels for full-time RVing:

  • Inspirational Content: YouTube RV channels offer a constant source of inspiration by showcasing the incredible adventures and beautiful destinations of full-time RVers. Through their videos, you can visualize your own dream travels and gather ideas for your itinerary.

  • Practical Tips: From choosing the right RV and equipment to maintaining your rig on the road, these channels provide a wealth of practical advice to help you navigate the challenges of full-time RV living. You'll learn about boondocking locations, RV maintenance, budgeting, and much more.

  • Community and Support: The YouTube RVing community is a welcoming and supportive group. By engaging with the channels' creators and fellow viewers through comments and social media, you can build connections, ask questions, and get valuable support from experienced RVers.

Now, let's jump into our top picks for YouTube channels that cater to full-time RVers:

1. We’re The Russos

One of the most popular YouTube channels in the RVing community, We're The Russos offers a blend of engaging travel vlogs and informative content for those interested in the full-time RV lifestyle. Joe and Kait Russo, the faces behind the channel, share their experiences, tips, and insights gained from years of full-time RVing.

Key Features:

  • Detailed travel vlogs that take you along on their adventures.
  • In-depth guides and tutorials on RV maintenance, upgrades, and modifications.
  • Budgeting tips and cost breakdowns.
  • Engaging storytelling and cinematography that make you feel like you're on the journey with them.


  • Extensive knowledge in RV maintenance and DIY upgrades.
  • Engaging storytelling and high-quality production.
  • Helpful and responsive community.


  • Some advanced topics may require prior knowledge or research.

Check out We're The Russos on their official website, or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

2. Creativity RV

Creativity RV is a fantastic YouTube channel dedicated to helping RVers make the most of their mobile living spaces. Chris and Cherie, the passionate creators of this channel, share their extensive knowledge on RV renovations, organization hacks, and creative design ideas to enhance the functionality and style of your RV.

Key Features:

  • Inspiring before-and-after RV renovation tours.
  • Practical tips on maximizing storage and living space.
  • Budget-friendly DIY projects and design ideas.
  • Product reviews for RV-specific gear and accessories.


  • Expert advice on RV organization and design.
  • Money-saving tips for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Creative and innovative solutions for common RV challenges.


  • Limited focus on travel vlogs or destination-specific content.

Discover more about Creativity RV on their official website, or dive into their inspiring videos on their YouTube channel.

3. Less Junk, More Journey

Less Junk, More Journey is an incredible YouTube channel that highlights the joys and realities of full-time RVing with a family. Nathan, Marissa, and their adorable daughter Hensley take you along on their journey across the United States, sharing their experiences, tips, and insights into RV living.

Key Features:

  • Family-oriented content with a focus on traveling with young children.
  • Beautifully filmed travel vlogs capturing the essence of each destination.
  • Insights into homeschooling on the road.
  • Budgeting advice and cost breakdowns.


  • Family-friendly content and relatable experiences.
  • Well-edited videos with stunning cinematography.
  • Valuable insights into RVing with children.


  • Limited focus on technical aspects of RV maintenance or upgrades.

Join the adventure with Less Junk, More Journey on their official website, or follow their captivating videos on their YouTube channel.

4. Elsa Rhae & Barron

Elsa Rhae & Barron is a YouTube channel that combines adventure, travel, and creative storytelling. Elsa and Barron, a talented couple, inspire viewers with their stunning photography, epic outdoor adventures, and the sense of freedom that RV living brings.

Key Features:

  • Captivating visuals and awe-inspiring nature footage.
  • Epic hikes and off-the-beaten-path exploration.
  • Tips for RVing on a budget while still enjoying incredible experiences.
  • Creative and unique content, including van life conversions and DIY projects.


  • Stunning cinematography and unique storytelling.
  • A focus on boondocking and off-grid adventures.
  • Inspiring content for outdoor and nature enthusiasts.


  • Limited focus on technical aspects of RV maintenance or design.

Experience the magic of Elsa Rhae & Barron on their official website, or immerse yourself in their stunning videos on their YouTube channel.

5. Off-Grid Backcountry Adventures

If you're seeking the ultimate off-grid RV adventure inspiration, Off-Grid Backcountry Adventures is the YouTube channel for you. Hosted by Tim Watson, this channel showcases remote and beautiful locations that can only be accessed by experienced off-grid and boondocking enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Remote and breathtaking travel destinations.
  • Expert tips on off-grid and boondocking practices.
  • Rig walkthroughs and reviews of off-road capable vehicles and RVs.
  • Adventure-packed camping and hiking content.


  • In-depth knowledge of boondocking and off-grid exploration.
  • Inspiring locations and serene nature footage.
  • Friendly and informative host.


  • Limited focus on general RV lifestyle topics.

Embark on your off-grid adventures with Off-Grid Backcountry Adventures on their official website, or get lost in the beauty of their videos on their YouTube channel.


How do I plan for full-time RVing?

Planning for full-time RVing requires careful consideration and preparation. Here are some key steps to get you started:

  1. Choose the Right RV: Research different types of RVs and find one that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle.
  2. Determine Your Budget: Consider all costs, including maintenance, fuel, campground fees, and living expenses.
  3. Select Your Domicile: Decide where you will establish your legal residency for mail forwarding, healthcare, and voting purposes.
  4. Create an Itinerary: Plan your route and identify the destinations you wish to explore.
  5. Downsize and Declutter: Get rid of unnecessary possessions and keep only what you truly need in your RV.
  6. Prepare Financially: Set up a savings plan, pay off debt, and consider alternative income streams, such as remote work or passive income.
  7. Learn Basic RV Maintenance: Familiarize yourself with essential maintenance tasks and learn how to troubleshoot common issues.
  8. Establish a Support Network: Join RVing communities, both online and offline, to connect with fellow full-timers and gain valuable advice and support.

How easy is it to live in an RV full-time?

Living in an RV full-time comes with its own set of challenges, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Here are a few aspects to consider when evaluating the ease of full-time RV living:

  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to a nomadic lifestyle and a smaller living space is key.
  • Flexibility: Full-time RVers must be flexible with their travel plans and be prepared for unexpected changes or challenges.
  • Maintenance: Regular RV maintenance is necessary, but it can be learned and mastered with time and experience.
  • Community: Engaging with the RVing community can provide support, resources, and a sense of camaraderie.
  • Resourcefulness: Being resourceful in finding boondocking locations, managing power and water resources, and handling waste disposal is essential.
  • Sense of Adventure: Living in an RV full-time offers an adventure-filled lifestyle, allowing you to explore new places, meet new people, and create memorable experiences.

While full-time RVing may present some challenges, the freedom and sense of adventure it offers make it a worthwhile and fulfilling experience for many.

What is the average cost of full-time RVing?

The cost of full-time RVing can vary greatly depending on various factors, including your travel style, accommodations, and personal preferences. Here are some typical expenses to consider:

  • RV Purchase or Rental: The cost of buying or renting an RV can range from a few thousand dollars for a used camper to several hundred thousand dollars for a new motorhome.
  • Campground Fees: Monthly fees for campground stays can range from $300 to $1,000 or more, depending on the location and amenities.
  • Fuel: Fuel costs will depend on the distance you travel and your RV's fuel efficiency. It's important to factor in the cost of both gas or diesel fuel and propane.
  • Insurance: Expect to pay between $1,000 and $4,000 per year for RV insurance, depending on factors such as the value of your RV, coverage limits, and your driving record.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: RV maintenance costs can vary but should be budgeted for regular oil changes, tire replacements, and other ongoing maintenance.
  • Campground Memberships: Some RVers opt for annual memberships to campground networks like Thousand Trails, which can provide significant savings on campground fees.
  • Healthcare and Insurance: Budget for healthcare expenses and insurance premiums. Consider options like domestic mail forwarding services for managing mail and obtaining healthcare in different locations.
  • Food and Groceries: Grocery expenses will depend on your eating habits and whether you cook your meals or eat out frequently.
  • Entertainment and Activities: Budget for activities like national park entry fees, attractions, and other recreational activities you plan to enjoy while traveling.
  • Communication: Consider the costs of cellphone plans, internet access, and other communication tools.

It's crucial to develop a personalized budget based on your specific needs, preferences, and travel plans. By carefully planning and monitoring your expenses, full-time RVing can be an affordable and rewarding lifestyle choice.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Tips for Successful Full-Time RV Living:

    • Always have a backup plan for unexpected situations or campground closures.
    • Stay organized and declutter regularly to optimize your living space.
    • Join RVing communities and attend gatherings to expand your network and make lifelong friends.
    • Embrace minimalism and prioritize experiences over material possessions.
  • Interesting Fact: According to a recent survey, full-time RVing has increased in popularity, with more people opting for a life on the road to escape the traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle.

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