Unraveling the Mystery: Did RV Magazine Take Over MotorHome Magazine? [2024]

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Have you ever found yourself reminiscing about the good old days of thumbing through the glossy pages of your favorite MotorHome magazine, only to realize it’s been replaced by something new? Well, you’re not alone. The RV community has been buzzing with questions, and today, we’re diving deep into the heart of this transformation. Did RV Magazine replace MotorHome Magazine? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey through the past, present, and future of RV publications!

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  4. RV Magazine vs. MotorHome Magazine: A Comparative Analysis
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Quick Answer

Yes, RV Magazine has indeed taken the reins from MotorHome Magazine. This transition marks a significant shift in the RV media landscape, merging the legacies of two beloved publications. MotorHome Magazine, a long-standing favorite among motorhome enthusiasts, has now been integrated into the broader scope of RV Magazine, which aims to cater to a wider audience within the RV community. If you’re looking to get your hands on the latest issues or reminisce about the past editions, CHECK PRICE on: RVShare | Camping World.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • RV Magazine is the new go-to publication for all things RV, expanding its reach beyond just motorhomes.
  • MotorHome Magazine was a niche publication dedicated exclusively to motorhome owners and enthusiasts.
  • The integration of MotorHome into RV Magazine reflects a growing trend in the industry to provide more comprehensive content.
  • Subscribers of MotorHome Magazine automatically received RV Magazine as a continuation of their subscription.

The Evolution of RV Publications: A Detailed Chronicle

The Birth of MotorHome Magazine

MotorHome Magazine first hit the stands, captivating the hearts of motorhome owners with its specialized content and expert advice. It was the go-to source for reviews, travel tips, and technical information tailored specifically for the motorhome segment of the RV market.

The Rise of RV Magazine

As the RV industry evolved, so did the needs and interests of its audience. RV Magazine emerged as a response to the growing demand for a more inclusive publication that addressed the diverse world of RVs, from travel trailers to fifth wheels and, of course, motorhomes.

RV Magazine vs. MotorHome Magazine: A Comparative Analysis

Content Scope

  • MotorHome Magazine: Focused exclusively on motorhomes, from Class A to Class C models.
  • RV Magazine: Covers a broader range of RV types, including motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and more.

Audience Reach

  • MotorHome Magazine: Targeted a niche audience of motorhome owners.
  • RV Magazine: Aims to engage a wider RV audience, appealing to both newbies and seasoned veterans.

Publication Frequency

  • MotorHome Magazine: Published monthly, providing regular updates and features.
  • RV Magazine: Continues the tradition with monthly issues, packed with even more diverse content.

The Impact on the RV Community

The merging of MotorHome into RV Magazine has had a ripple effect across the RV community. Some purists mourn the loss of a dedicated motorhome publication, while others embrace the expanded content that RV Magazine offers. This change reflects the industry’s move towards inclusivity and the desire to serve a growing and diverse audience of RV enthusiasts.


Is MotorHome magazine still published?

No, MotorHome magazine has been integrated into RV Magazine, which now serves as the primary publication for motorhome content.

Is there a magazine for motorhomes?

While there is no longer a standalone MotorHome magazine, RV Magazine includes comprehensive coverage for motorhome enthusiasts.

What is the RV magazine issue for March 2023?

The March 2023 issue of RV Magazine features a blend of travel destinations, gear reviews, and motorhome-specific advice, continuing the legacy of MotorHome magazine.

Did RV magazine replace Trailer Life?

Yes, RV Magazine has also replaced Trailer Life, unifying the content of both magazines into a single, comprehensive RV publication.


The transition from MotorHome Magazine to RV Magazine signifies a new chapter in RV media. While some may view it with nostalgia, the change offers an opportunity to embrace a publication that reflects the evolving interests of the RV community. RV Magazine continues to honor the spirit of MotorHome Magazine, ensuring that the stories, tips, and advice that motorhome owners have come to love remain a staple in this all-encompassing RV resource.

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In conclusion, the RV world is ever-changing, and so are its publications. Whether you’re a die-hard motorhome aficionado or a general RV enthusiast, RV Magazine is your new companion on the road to adventure. Keep those wheels turning and the pages flipping, friends!

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