“The Ultimate Guide to RV Publications: Is MotorHome Magazine Still Rolling in [2024]?”

Are you a motorhome maven or a recreational vehicle rookie? Either way, you’ve probably heard of the legendary MotorHome magazine. But in an age where digital is king, you might be wondering, “Is MotorHome magazine still published?” Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the fate of this iconic RV publication and explore the ever-evolving landscape of RV media. Buckle up, because this isn’t just any ride—it’s a road trip through the history, transformation, and current status of your favorite RV reads!

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  2. Quick Tips and Facts
  3. The Evolution of RV Reading: A Chronicle
  4. MotorHome Magazine: The Journey from Print to Digital
  5. RV.com and RV Magazine: The New Frontier
  6. RV Publications in the Digital Era
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Quick Answer

MotorHome magazine, a long-standing favorite among RV enthusiasts, ceased its print publication with the December 2020 issue. But don’t fret! The spirit of MotorHome lives on through a digital transformation. It has merged with Trailer Life to form a new, comprehensive RV resource—RV Magazine. This new publication continues to cater to the needs of the RV community, both online and in print, albeit less frequently. Stay tuned for more on how this affects your RV reading habits!

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Quick Tips and Facts

  • MotorHome magazine was a beloved monthly publication for RV enthusiasts.
  • The final print issue was released in December 2020.
  • MotorHome and Trailer Life have merged into RV Magazine, which is available both digitally and in print.
  • RV Magazine is published less frequently than its predecessors but offers a richer, more diverse content mix.
  • The Good Sam Club, the world’s largest RV membership organization, is behind this strategic move.
  • Camping World Holdings Inc., the largest U.S. RV retailer, is also involved in the transition.

The Evolution of RV Reading: A Chronicle

The world of RV publications has seen a significant transformation over the years. From the early days of print to the current digital era, RV magazines have been the go-to source for everything from travel tips to technical advice. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how RV reading has evolved.

MotorHome Magazine: The Journey from Print to Digital

MotorHome magazine was a trusted source for motorhome reviews, travel destinations, and RV living advice. However, as the digital wave swept across the publishing industry, MotorHome began charting a new course. Transitioning from print to digital was a bold move that aimed to adapt to the changing preferences of readers and the industry’s shift towards online content.

RV.com and RV Magazine: The New Frontier

With the consolidation of MotorHome and Trailer Life magazines, RV.com emerged as a one-stop digital destination for RV enthusiasts. RV Magazine, the print counterpart, continues the legacy of providing high-quality content, albeit with a modern twist. This section will delve into what RV.com and RV Magazine offer to the RV community today.

RV Publications in the Digital Era

The digital era has revolutionized how we consume media, and RV publications are no exception. In this section, we’ll explore how RV magazines have adapted to digital platforms, the benefits of online content, and what this means for RV enthusiasts who still love the feel of paper in their hands.


Did RV magazine replace Motorhome magazine?

Yes, RV Magazine is the successor to MotorHome magazine. It combines the best of both MotorHome and Trailer Life, offering a fresh perspective on the RV lifestyle.

How often is RV magazine published?

RV Magazine is published on a less frequent schedule than its predecessors, focusing on quality over quantity. The exact frequency can vary, so it’s best to check their website for the latest publication schedule.

Currently, RV Magazine stands as one of the most popular RV publications, given its comprehensive coverage and wide range of topics appealing to all RV enthusiasts.

What happened to Trailer Life magazine?

Trailer Life magazine, like MotorHome, has transitioned into RV Magazine. This move was part of a strategic consolidation to create a more robust and diverse RV publication.


MotorHome magazine may have taken its final bow in print form, but its essence continues to thrive in the digital realm. RV Magazine carries the torch forward, illuminating the path for RV enthusiasts with engaging content and expert insights. Whether you’re a fan of the tactile experience of flipping through pages or you prefer the convenience of digital access, the world of RV publications has something for everyone.

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