The Best RV Brands for Full-Time Living [2023]

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best RV brands for full-time living! As a team of experienced reviewers, we have compiled a list of the top RV brands that offer the best quality, durability, and comfort for those who choose to live on the road. In this article, we will cover the following topics:

Which RV Manufacturer Has the Best Quality?

When it comes to RV quality, some manufacturers simply stand out above the rest. We’ve done the research, and here are our top picks:

1. Airstream

Airstream is known for its iconic silver bullet design and top-quality construction. These RVs are built to last and will hold their value better than almost any other brand on the market.

2. Winnebago

Winnebago has been a household name in the RV industry for over a century, and for good reason. The company offers a wide range of high-quality RVs that are built to last.

3. Tiffin

If you’re looking for a luxury RV that’s built to withstand the test of time, Tiffin is a great choice. These high-end RVs offer top-of-the-line features and amenities, and are built with quality in mind.

What RVs Should I Stay Away From?

Not all RVs are created equal, and some brands just don’t make the cut. Here are some RV brands that you should stay away from:

1. Forest River

Forest River has a reputation for poor quality and shoddy workmanship. While the company offers a wide range of affordable RVs, they simply don’t hold up over time.

2. Coachmen

Coachmen is another RV manufacturer that has a mixed reputation when it comes to quality. While some of their RVs are well-built, others have been known to have serious issues that can be difficult to fix.

3. Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream may offer some affordable RVs, but they’re not known for their quality. Many of their models have been reported to have major defects and issues that are difficult to address.

What Is the Longest Lasting RV?

What Is the Longest Lasting RV? best rv brands for full-time living

When it comes to finding an RV that will last for years to come, you want to look for brands that are known for their longevity. Here are our top picks for the longest lasting RVs on the market:

1. Prevost

Prevost is known for its high-end luxury coaches that are built to last. These high-quality RVs can last for decades with proper maintenance and care.

2. Newell

Newell is another luxury RV brand that’s built to last. These custom-built coaches are designed to withstand the test of time, and many owners keep them for decades.

3. Blue Bird

Blue Bird is known for its school buses, but the company also manufactures top-quality RVs that are built to last. These RVs are built like tanks and can withstand even the toughest conditions.

Pros and Cons of Living in an RV Full-Time

Living in an RV full-time can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s not for everyone. Here are the pros and cons to consider:


  • Travel and explore new places whenever you want
  • Save money on rent or mortgage payments
  • Simplify your life and enjoy a minimalist lifestyle
  • Meet new people and form lasting friendships


  • Limited living space can feel cramped and uncomfortable
  • Maintenance and repair costs can be high
  • Constantly moving can be tiring and stressful
  • Limited access to amenities like fast internet, laundry, and grocery stores


Choosing the best RV brand for full-time living can be a challenge, but with our guide, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect RV for your needs. Remember to consider factors like quality, durability, and longevity when making your decision. Also check out our complete list of all RV brands. Happy travels!


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